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Who are we in the Okanagan? 
In previous decades the majority of people here had large families who lived distinctly rural lives, mostly tucked away on country acreages farming for fruit, livestock and a few veggies.
Now we are older and more urbanized, ensconced in townhouses and condos, but it turns out many of us still want an earthy connection. (continue reading)

Updates for March

Our cover story discussed the alternative funding challenge  in Lake Country that sought to overturn the council's ability to borrow the remaining $2.6 million needed for its portion of the purchase price of the Okanagan Rail Trail. Just over 10% of residents there stopped the loan. Now, Lake Country council is holding a referendum on borrowing  the money.
The referendum will be held on Saturday, April 25, but there are several days for advance voting.
The province also just announced $7.2 million in funding to finish the trail purchase so long as Lake Country comes through.

More details at: Lake Country Rail Trail Information

Next Issue:

• Big Pharma
• The Cycle of Life
• Oily Residue
•DeMOCKracy Part III
...and much more. Coming in May!

Terms of Abuse

As you have undoubtedly read or seen multiple times, in August last year the police shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, which led to riots and civil disorder throughout the city.
Last month the U.S. Department of Justice(DoJ) released a 105-page report on the behaviour of the Ferguson police. (continue reading)

Current Issue- April 2015

Cover Story:
The Driverless Car

In July 1957 Popular Mechanics’ cover story covered the advent of the flying automobile, which they confidently
predicted would be in the hands of the
consumer by 1967. We are still waiting, yet it is impossible not to see that the next auto revolution will unfold within the next decade. (continue reading)


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